Wes Craven

8 Reasons Why I Love Being Without A Partner And Being Alone

Alone and lonely are two different things. Alone means nights with my books. Alone means quiet star gazing and drinking tea drinking on my roof. Alone means hours of self aware retrospection in a coffee shop whilst scribbling poetry. But most importantly alone means not wilting into the arms of a man who may not appreciate the stars and poetry.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Anymore

people uniting

In today’s society, ignorance is a disease. It is infecting everyone around us and instead of tackling the situation head on, we surrender to what isn’t ethical or kind. Whether it be ignorance directed toward mental illness, religion, race or sexuality – our default setting is to sit comfortably in our fear, treating others as if they’re wrong because they’re different.

How To Be A Heartbreaker

Even the shyest introvert enjoys an intimate conversation, and the direct focus of a stranger asking questions about you and only you is terribly flattering. Unlock their souls; you’ll unlock their love.