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In Defense Of Pageants

My advice to you is this, forget the naysayers and the doubters. Don’t fear the “what if they…” “what will they…” because it doesn’t matter. Every day that you open your eyes is a gift of another chance, a gift that not everyone is fortunate to receive.

5 Beautiful Alternatives To Having Kids

Whether you are unable to, choose not to, or choose to, this does not determine your worth as a person. There may be people who feel inclined to comment or believe that they have a say in your decision, however the only decisions that matter belong to the party or parties directly involved.

7 Crucial Steps To Being The Most Successful Volunteer You Can Be

All kinds of organizations, especially in developing countries, will welcome travelers with excess time, enthusiasm and skills to give. For travelers, it can be a unique opportunity to work in a different country for a short period of time (no visas required) and to get to know a community outside major cities and tourist havens.