Victim’s Rights

Men Are Victims Too

What many tend to neglect is that in the real world of feminism, the issue of domestic violence is not a women’s issue – it’s a people’s issue.

Why Do People Believe Narcissists Rather Than Their Victims?

The truth is that narcissists are very adept at impression management – in managing the ways others perceive them. They will appear to praise their victims in public, all while criticizing and demeaning them in private. They will provoke their victims into emotionally reacting – and they will use their reactions to the abuse to depict them as “unhinged.”

What It Means To Be A Rape Victim In Our Society Today

To me today being a victim of rape means; not trusting men, being scared of affection, hating sex, a lot of angst, wanting to be alone, and feeling spiteful of men. I will forever have it at the back of my memory, just for it to haunt me now and again.

7 Spiritual Ideas That Enable Abuse And Shame The Victim

Philosophies that depict pain as an illusion rather than a legitimate, lived reality can be downright dangerous. They encourage victim-blaming and spiritual bypassing that harms the survivor more than they help. What we have to remember is that our perceptions of trauma are not due to erroneous thinking – they are due to egregiously damaging acts of emotional and physical violence.