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Questions You Have When Your Therapist Quits

I can have weirder problems! Will you stay if I say that I think I go for men who are just like my father? Do you ever wonder if the Earth is just like, a reality TV show for aliens? Is that narcissism? One time, I ate toilet paper when I was a kid because I read a story about a goat that ate garbage and I wanted to see what it was like.

Ten Flawless Love Songs

The best love songs make it possible for you to feel like you’re in love for the duration of the song. Even if you’ve been single for some time, you can play the song and feel like you belong to somebody. That’s what “I Only Have Eyes For You” does for me.

Music Video Open Letters

I get it. You don’t care about “stuff,” like the music industry, life in general, and whatever. You live in New York and your band The Strokes are the languid Godsons of punk. And it’s all rather precious and charming, but watch where you’re throwing that mic stand, because you just might hit that Production Assistant whose life isn’t so hot right now…

Hipstamatic for the People

It’s endearing how the detached cynicism with which hipsters confront their surroundings is tempered by a sentimentality for “old” things, namely, these circa 80’s photos—and how those compromised photos resembled the inception of photography in the 1840’s.