I Need You To Promise To Hold On To Me

They say it’s about loving someone’s flaws. Loving someone because they are a painting of beautifully unique imperfections. But when do you finally hear that their heart is the one that beats in harmony with yours?

Why We Must Take a Chance, And Love All Over Again

No matter if the glamour of the day is obvious or hidden beneath a bed sheet, done up in a dress so jaw-dropping that we, beautiful enough on our own, might actually believe a dress would be holding our magic, our power for attracting love, when we are holding that love in our heart already.

Five Instances In Which You Must Trust People

When taking a cab. Beyond trusting that your cab driver knows where he’s going and isn’t ripping you off, you have to actually trust that this person is indeed, a cab driver. I sound like a Paranoid Polly, but my mom was actually kidnapped by a fake cab driver when she was my age. All you need is a Crown Victoria and a smile – boom. Cab driver.