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True Love

The Honest Difference Between Lust And Love

Figuring out the difference between love and lust

Please don’t mistaken lust for love. Because it’s only going to end in pain and a hurting heart. It’s only going to end in an ending. Because lust is almost always going to be short lived. It’s just a chemical reaction. It’s not a promise of forever. It’s not real.

I Am Fed Up With Modern Dating, So I’m Giving Up

These guys are cowards. And they don’t deserve my strength and my vulnerability and my beauty. So I think, I’m giving up. Not forever. But for now. I’m so tired of trying so hard with little success. I’m so tired of wanting love so badly, and never even getting to the dating part.

To My Best Friend On Her Birthday

Thank you for allowing me to learn some tough lessons on my own. Thank you for stopping me when I started to become destructive. Thank you for never questioning me, even when I questioned myself. You have saved me in so many ways.

Despite Every Doubt, I Still Believe In Love

True love never restricts. It’s the anchor to a ship, as much as it’s the wings to a bird. It’s the implicit trust that leaves no room for insecurities. It understands that sometimes separation is inevitable, and it patiently waits. It’s when the journey takes precedence over the destination.

We All Have To Mix Eventually — An Exploration Of Interfaith And Secular Relationships

Despite this particular couple’s differences, the future’s uncertainty, and their experience with struggle, that was the most important thing to them; the love. Truthfully, that should be the most important thing to all couples. When the sun begins to shyly peak over the horizon in the timid hours of the morning, what, or rather who, gets you out of bed? If that’s not worth fighting for, then I don’t know what is.