I have never felt like a woman, but neither have a lot of masculine women who love women. I’ve felt the joy of being called a man, but so have a lot of queer women as well. I have felt the pain of burning up in the Georgian sun because I didn’t want my family to see my breasts and tell me I was becoming a young lady.

A Trans Woman On Love And Disclosure

I don’t buy into the ‘you have to disclose or you’re lying’ argument, nor the ‘right to not be attracted to trans women’ trope. Cis people get so bat-shit crazy when it comes to us. So few trouble themselves to consider how incredibly hard it is for us to fill even our most basic human needs in the face of the intense and pervasive prejudice and oppression heaped upon us. And when we’re caught trying to take care of ourselves, the cis response so often is more oppression.