To The Girls

The Girl At The Bar

“People say whiskey is a complicated drink,” Toshiko said. “But for me, it’s a very simple drink — it just happens to be mixed with a lot of complicated feelings.”

How To Love An Alpha Girl

Know that she is a go getter. Know that she is a strong woman. She is resilient. She isn’t with you for fun, or for a fling. She is with you for the real deal. She is with you because she sees something good in you. She is with you because she sees a future. Because you are someone special. And she deserves something special. She deserves someone special. 

I’m The Girl Everyone Leaves

I’m the girl everyone leaves. The one they promise the world to before they disappear. The one they say they love, they swear, their words like honey laced with poison. I’m the girl who always ends up alone.

I’m Not The Girl For You Anymore

I would break myself over and over again wondering why I wasn’t good enough, why you didn’t want to stay once the sun came up, why you didn’t want to commit. But I realized it was my own fault.