If He Won’t Commit To You, It’s Time To Move On

Be sure that you fully understand your own worth. There’s a reason why the best negotiation tactic in the world is walking away from the table. In this case, it’s not so much about negotiating as it is about helping him realize that you’re with him only because you choose to be.

College Is The Perfect Time To Be Uncertain

In college, surrounded by six cups of coffee, consecutive late nights, deadly deadlines, group projects, midterms, finals, friends, fake friends, friends-who-you’re-not-really-friends-with-but-don’t-want-to-see-die friends, rejection, failure, success and happiness, it’s the best time to be unsure of yourself.

Times Up On Not Being Brave

I feel guilt, shame, and lame as fuck that I sit here on the sidelines (for the most part), continuing to post pictures of pretty trees and people, while advocates for equality are out there fighting to shape our reality and collective future into something better, every day.