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The Perfect Summer Mix Tape: Side B

So I know reggae is sort of an embarrassing musical genre that has been overrun by frat stoner bros, but there are still some major gems to be heard. Reggae is like a nice added spice. You don’t want too much of it, but a little can be just what the summer doctor ordered.

5 Movies About Drugs That Make Me Want To Do Drugs

Watching Thirteen made me think that I had done middle school all wrong. Instead of watching Dawson’s Creek and crying myself to sleep every night, I should’ve been getting stoned, hooking up with a hot older neighbor and forgetting how to spell the word “photographer.”

Thoughts on the Red Riding Hood Trailer

Some faith is to be had; Hardwicke’s film Thirteen was a far cry heavier than the Twilight franchise, and she is not a stranger to the delicate and brutal inner workings of teenage girls. Because it is this percentage of the youth population who will flock to this film, it is a chance to reveal sexuality’s truths – the many beauties of it, and the many obstacles girls still face in their attempts…