I Gave Up Reality TV And This Is What Happened

I loved my junk TV, and in talking about it, I sort of miss it. On a dreary day, it’s hard not to peruse the iTunes store for the latest season of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, a Real Housewives spin off starring the ultimate Grande dame, Lisa Vanderpump and her motley staff at the Los Angeles hotspot SUR.

25 Signs You’re A Hot Mess

3. There are a number of photos of you on the Internet doing “sexy” poses in skimpy outfits that are perhaps two to three sizes too small. In the photos you pose on top cars, in kitchens, bathrooms, door frames, etc.

My 5 Favorite Pill Heads (On TV)

Poor Kim Richards — she never can seem to catch a break, can she? Unlucky in love and in and out of rehab, she’s a sad tragic figure who spends her daze clutching old photographs from her child star days and throwing martini glasses at the gardner.

The Implications of A Real Housewives Suicide

There was no note left, but those close to him have come forward non-commitally indicating that the show, his impending divorce, the accusations of abuse that were being thrown around, and severe financial problems were probably the causes.

The Different Types Of Bitches There Are

Bitches always think they’re so funny. Whenever they say something that was kind of screwed up, they’ll quickly be like, “That wasn’t bitchy. I was just making a joke!” Well, guess what? Your joke wasn’t funny. It was just bitchy, and bitchy does not always translate to hilarity!