The Next Chapter

Another Year, Another Chapter, Another Goodbye

Because at the end of the day this is just one chapter in my book. It’s only a few pages from a thousand of pages. It’s a continuation of a previous chapter or an introduction to a new one. It’s just one chapter and I’m ready to finish it.

The Next Chapter Of Your Life Is About You, It’s Not About Anybody Else

The next chapter of your life is about your heart. It’s time to heal it, it’s time to take it back from those who broke it and it’s time to collect all the scattered bits and pieces that were lost somehow with the wrong ones and make yours whole again because your heart is still strong and beating and it needs to remember how to be loved.

Maybe She’s Afraid You’ll Leave

Maybe she’s afraid you don’t actually mean what you’re saying. She’s heard tender words that turned out to be lies. She’s been promised futures that were shattered the next day.