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Instagramming Your Way To Relevancy

Recently, scientists made history by taking a 26-year-old writer and, through an experimental procedure, put his entire being through an Instagram filter. These interviews were conducted before and after the procedure.

Can You Be Friends With An Ex On Facebook?

An online friendship with an ex invites a myriad of potential hiccups, which makes it rarely seem worth it. The new relationship, life-altering move, promotion, wild party or significantly improved figure can all plunge me into a whirling sea of misery.

This Week In Internet Outrage: 22-Year-Old Ripped Apart For Having A Job, I Guess

We rip apart young people for not working hard enough or not having jobs and then we rip them apart again for working hard and having jobs. How dare this generation not support themselves immediately out of college! How dare they ask their parents for money! How dare they have massive student loans! Wait, what? A young girl has a well-paying job and acknowledges her debt? BURN HER, FOR SHE IS A WITCH.

How Depressed People Use The Internet

I’m going to tell you how they conducted their research, and then I’ll wrap up the findings in a snappy list form that your attention span can handle — you won’t have to go over to NYT and sift through a bunch of “paragraphs,” as the old media calls them.