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What Your Favorite Magazine Says About You (Part II)

As you get you older, you’ll transition to reading grownup Vogue, bag yourself a hedge-funder named Barry and watch the days just languidly pass by. Sometimes, you’ll stir your finger into your cocktail without noticing because you’ll be completely in a daze. You’ll whisper to yourself, “I guess it’s….time….to get ready for the Multiple Sclerosis Disco Dance-Off Charity Ball.”

The Stylish Wanderer: Teenage Clotheshorse

At just fifteen-years-old, this LA based fashion blogger, known only by the moniker “The Stylish Wanderer,” has already made impressive inroads in the fashion and entertainment industries. She has modeled in various major label campaigns, was invited last year to attend NYC Fashion Week, and can currently be seen in a TV commercial airing nationwide.