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Taylor Lautner

Twilight Is Over, And Everything Is Wonderful

I’ve been at odds with pop-culture phenomena before, and I still don’t believe that Skrillex or Justin Bieber are real people (prove it!), but I’ve never disliked something that so many other people like with such vehemence.

Why Anderson Cooper Should Never Come Out, Ever

But although I will be ready to scream a strident “I told you so” when Taylor Lautner announces he’s quitting “acting” for gay porn, this cannot be your path. You will stay in that closet with Tom Cruise, and you will like it.

Pecs Appeal

Would up-and-coming young actors be wise to put down their scripts and pick up a dumbbell? If DeNiro and Pacino were younger, should they get out of the Actor’s Studio and into Gold’s?