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Tara Reid

This Is What Addiction Looks Like

People still have this image of addicts being complete train wrecks, whizzing through life barefoot, disheveled and insane when, in fact, it’s often the opposite. Addiction can look like anything. It can look happy and healthy and productive and loving and kind and a hard worker.

What Is #Sharknado?

Every so often, we are privileged to witness greatness: greatness in the form of Tara Reid and the blond guy from ‘90210’ fighting a whirlwind of sharks.

Go Get Wasted Tonight With Your Best Friends

Having an Amazing Night Out With Your Best Friends is necessary for your emotional well-being but it’s like cooking a souffle: the slightest disturbance could cause it to crumble. After all, Amazing is just around the corner from Terrible. They’re neighbors. They sometimes even hang out, so you have to be very aware of how precarious your good time can be.