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The Greek City State As A Model For Sustainability

Very close to my downtown apartment was a small overgrown lot complete with a locked 10 foot high chain link fence. I contacted the owner and asked if I could use it for a garden. They said yes, that they’d be glad to have it cleared at least, and gave me the key to the fence’s lock. For two years in a row now I’ve had a hell of a garden. That’s right, I’m living the dream.

How To Be A Conscientious Urbanite

To affirm your thorough awareness of and concern for a neighborhood, be sure to talk a lot about the “spaces” in it, which is the preferred way to refer to any building, or room in a building, (or yard or alley, which are referred to as “outdoor spaces”.)

Low-Carbon 27-Square-Meter Cube Home Is The Future

Although it could fit into my current apartment about four times over, this very small, very green box home actually seems pretty livable. The Cube, a prototype of which was unveiled last month at the Edinburgh Science Festival, is three meters on all sides and has a head height of two meters, creator Dr. Mike Page explains in this video.