Strong Men

11 Things Strong Women Never Do

They dress up for themselves, not for men or for anyone else. Strong women want to look their best because it makes them feel good. It isn’t for anyone else. It’s for their happiness and joy. Clothing is an art form, not a runway show for people to whistle at. 

The Strongest Men Treat Women With Respect

Strong men are the ones that refuse to play games, because they believe in honesty. The ones that hate the thought of letting a good girl get away, so they put in as much effort as they can to show her that she matters, that she means something to him.

From Boston Strong To Vegas Strong

Las Vegas Vigil

Waking up that Monday morning to the news of what had transpired in Las Vegas was so devastating to both my husband and myself. We sat glued to the television for hours, absorbing as much information as we possibly could.

Men Are Victims Too

What many tend to neglect is that in the real world of feminism, the issue of domestic violence is not a women’s issue – it’s a people’s issue.