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Steven Tyler

MTV Shows That Didn't Suck

Before Teen Mom, before My Super Sweet 16, there was Engaged and Underage: the perfect program to watch with your parents when you needed to convince them that cutting school and sneaking cigarettes wasn’t the worst thing you could do at 15.

I Hope Melodica Guy Wins American Idol

Of all the talented wackadoodles on this season of American Idol, including a gangly California surfer who looks like a Dr. Seuss character and a waifish, freckled, anxiety-ridden girl who sings to her Iraq veteran boyfriend up in the balcony, melodica-toting Casey Abrams is probably the most lovable.

The Man Who Can Save American Idol is…

American Idol’s ratings were already dipping last season, and it’s gonna get a lot worse if they replace Simon and Ellen with stunt-casted celebri-blands like J.Lo and Steven Tyler. If producers want to revitalize the show and make it truly interesting, they need unpredictable, they need edge.