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The Games Guys Play

I hear it all the time. Gals will meet a guy and he’s great and totally not weird, so they go on a few dates and that goes great, too, and so the relationship progresses to a point where they both feel comfortable just hanging out at his apartment, and now, suddenly, they’re confronted with exactly how much time their guy spends messing around on xbox.

Stuff Gamers Say

“w00t,” says the office ‘cool guy’, who likes to wear his plaid fedora on the group coffee outings while he explains joyfully to everyone about all the circa 2007 bands in which he is interested.

The Most Totally Meta Facebook Game Ever

Engineered to lambaste Facebook gaming products as spearheaded by arguably the most popular Facebook game, ‘FarmVille,’ Cow Clicker simply required of players who install the game to click on a picture of a cow, the picture of a cow then appears in the player’s Facebook feed with the notification ‘[Facebook user] is clicking their cow.’

The Stigma of Gaming

People who convince themselves not to bother with videogames are missing out on some great stories.  A game like Xenogears has emotionally affected me more than most films or books, and sometimes I wish that I could share that with the rest of the world.