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Social Anxiety

The Very Real Side Effects Of Living As An Over-Thinker

Overthinking girl

Maybe the world needs us over analyzers in order to shift its own thinking and make people see beyond the horizon, or maybe they need us to believe in something that isn’t just a mirage. I think these side effects from a medicine that only the brave are willing to take, are set in our minds for a reason.

9 Struggles Of Being An Extrovert With Social Anxiety

No one would ever guess you have social anxiety. People with social anxiety never utter a peep, right? So, your 15-minute story definitely eliminates any possibility for you to be anxious. HAH, you wish! Little do those around you know, the constant chatter and jokes coming from you is far from an indication of confidence. More like the result of not being able to contain the disorganized mess that is your racing thoughts.

I’m Done Apologizing For My Anxiety And Depression

I am done apologizing for my anxiety and depression — they are part of me. And because of them I have been forced to be okay with me, myself, and I. Alone in this mad world of unexpected panic and feeling as if I’m literally going to die, or finding a dark room more pleasant than the sun.