sexual awareness

How I Moved On After Sexual Assault

Forgiving does not mean I’ll forget the past or give up my human rights. Instead, forgiveness is an active way for me as a sexual assault survivor to stand up for myself and preserve my future.

I’m Like, So Gay Dude

two ladies in love

Sometimes it’s actually super funny to watch acquaintances squirming to apologize after assuming we’re sisters, or to watch Mystery Method rejects stammer, searching for a cool-sounding answer to “we’re actually on a date with each other right now.”

A List Of Times Running Away Is Acceptable

I am usually the first person to say stand up and fight your demons or your enemies, but there are some perfectly good reasons sometimes to run away from situations. The reason why running away can sometimes be a good thing comes down to removing yourself from toxic situations and instances where you feel like your ability to consent is being stifled and your safety is in danger.