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10 Guys I’m Glad I Never Slept With

Making out with this dude is kosher, but once genitalia get involved, things turn nightmarishly flaccid, and suddenly you don’t know if he’s lying to himself or if you’re just too gross for him. I avoided this scenario by the skin of my teeth.

10 Reasons Girls Get Angry When You Ask For Nudes

8. Taking a photo is hard. We live busy lives. Between work, pretending to exercise, and Netflix, we do not have time to take fifty pictures of ourselves until we find a photo on that perfect border of cute-enough-for-me-to-like and slutty-enough-for-you-to-be-complacent.

Can Manipulation Be Considered Rape?

Despite all of her feelings, sex was always something she wanted to save for marriage. It was a personal thing. However, he manipulated his way into taking her virginity. Which led me to wonder: can manipulation to achieve sex be a gateway to rape?