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I’m Not The Other Woman In His Life — His Wife Is

In the beginning, it was purely physical. I knew that he would never leave his wife or his kid for me and I didn’t even expect him to do so. In due time though, we started spending a lot of time together and started sharing many things with each other. Somehow, a bond started developing between us that went beyond the physical.

I Don’t Regret Being The Other Woman

It hurt. Doing this hurt. Caring about him hurt. Being his friend hurt. Loving him hurt. Letting him go for a final time, letting him go in all seriousness hurt. And I still am not sorry, I still wouldn’t take any of it back.

How Sex Made Me More Powerful

I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 28 years old. Sex in which I am voluntarily vulnerable, naked, exposed and intermingled with another being is electrifying. I didn’t think I was capable of feeling such power until I started having sex. I discovered a very important character trait about myself via sexual activity.