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You Are Not Entitled To Someone’s Love

The people you love are not above being temporary if you do not appreciate or care for them. That version of love where someone loves someone else unrequited whilst the other person does whatever they want is nothing but a movie formula. And even in the movies, the person who is fooling around realises what they have lost once it’s gone and go chasing after it.

How NOT To Get Laid On Social Media

social media

So where am I now? Back to the dating apps. I have re-downloaded Tinder and Bumble. I now avoid yuppie CPA’s with no sense of humor. And I’m working through my issues as best as I can (a.k.a. consuming lots of Trader Joes wine and desperately perusing self-help blogs!).

The Ugly Truth About Wanting To Date Someone You Work With

When you like someone you work with, it’s a risk to tell them how much you like them. If they don’t return your feelings, things can get awkward, because they can’t ghost you. They are still going to see you every single day. They are still going to be in your sight, which means you won’t be able to get them out of your mind.