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That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re Not All That Awkward

But something about the repurposing of “awkward” really grates on me. I think it’s because of the new trend where socially capable people pretend that they’re hapless fumbling losers. And it’s leaving us genuine dorks out in the cold. Sorry, pretty girls with glasses. My apologies, handsome dudes who played varsity sports. Awkward is our word. And even amongst the uncool, it’s widely overused.

Diary Of A Cyber Girl: Relationship Status

I guess I was always liberated, because we were never dating. We were just friends. I thought we were just friends. But, I thought that we were just friends because I thought that you thought we were more than just friends. I wanted to be the cool, unattached person in this relationship.

In Defense Of 'Hipster'

Of course we cannot define ‘hipster’ with the precision that we can define, say, odd numbers or Homo sapiens; that doesn’t mean ‘hipster’ has no meaning. The lack of clear boundaries around a concept hardly renders it incoherent.