Self Awareness

Self Awareness

Things I Love (But Pretend To Hate)

someone holds up a book that says "happy" in a library

I love when people give me nicknames, even when I say I hate them. There aren’t a lot of fun, cute ways to shorten my name, but there’s still something so intimate when someone finds a way to, anyway. I like the feeling that someone knows me so well that we become an informality; I like knowing that they, and they alone, have a word that stands just for me.

College Glamorized My Alcohol Abuse (But It’s Not Cute Anymore)

Friends all cheers with beer in hand at a bar

I used to have three group messages dedicated to friends I partied with; we’d message each other daily to make plans. I used to take my homework to the bars and work on it between drinks and conversation. I used to have a peppermint candle by my bed that I loved, but I had to throw it away because every time I smelled it I thought of lying awake with the spins and I’d start to gag.