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What If Sartre Was A Blogger?

“An angry crow mocked me this morning. I couldn’t finish my croissant, and fled the café in despair. The crow descended on the croissant, squawking fiercely. Perhaps this was its plan. Perhaps there is no plan.”

Judging The Existential Awareness Of Four Celebrities On A Scale Of 1 To 10

“Existential awareness” will denote a certain, conscious recognition characterized by a) consistently reminding oneself of the impermanence of oneself, others, and matter, b) the belief that cause and effect and the laws of physics govern reality, c) God and other supernatural beings are myth, and d) the universe does not actively “prefer” or “decide,” rather, it “unravels.”

Koko, The “Talking” Gorilla

[T]he maintenance of Koko’s brand is at once evolutionarily, existentially, and morally/politically appealing in a way that one could imagine earnestly saying things about how if Sartre were alive today he might consider Koko, not Che, to be “the most complete [entity] of our age.”