I Don’t Know Why I’m Always Sad

I told my friend I thought I was depressed and he said, “What do you have to be sad about? You’re a white girl with so many opportunities.” And I have to admit he had a point. But that just makes me more sad. Why can’t I be happy when I have everything in the equation that should make me feel happy?

Things Are Weird Right Now (But I’m Mostly Fine)

Someone told me recently that the lack of oxygen on airplanes makes it easier to cry, so maybe that’s why I’m more of a nightmare while flying. When I got to my seat—18C, aisle seat always, near the exit row because I’m a control freak—I knew this flight was going to be particularly rough because I had A LOT I didn’t want to think about.

Stop Feeling Sad About Being Single

Stop worrying about when and where and how you’ll find your person. Stop feeling like you’re running out of time. Stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s and be happy where you are, right now.