This Is Why She Left You Even Though She Loved You

She is the type of girl to run after what she wants in life which is exactly what she did with you. But she needed to do it for someone else. For something else. For the sanity of her soul. For the pounding of her heart. She needed to do it for the oxygen in her lungs. To lift that weight off. The weight of her past loves, her past spaces and past self.

The Truth About Boys Like You

You may wonder about me,
you may occasionally miss me,
you may ask about me
but you will never love me.
Because boys like you don’t really love,
boys like you only know how to take.

When You’re The One Who Runs Away

I run away because it’s what I do best, and because staying is difficult when you’ve gone your whole life wearing your heart on your sleeve and you suddenly decide you want it back.