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Love Is A Battlefield

Intimacy isn’t easy, it isn’t immediately gratifying, and most of the time it’s a bit squidgy around the edges. Moreover, intimacy is — call me a cynic — something that, given enough time, love, and effort, you can cultivate with just about anyone.

If You Don’t Have A Boyfriend, You’re Nothing

Apparently there are only a limited number of years in our twenties in which to lock someone in, and after that, we are doomed to a life of scraping the bottom of the barrel and being cripplingly jealous of our friends and sisters who were smarter than us and settled down.

I Got “Us” In The Breakup

I resisted “us.” “Us” was terrifying. “Us” isn’t casual, but it’s also not “serious.” It’s not something found in the dating textbook. It’s not something you can relate to your drinking buddy. “Us” is its own life you bring into the world.

Questions For My Future Love

Do you know the idea of marriage makes me feel claustrophobic? Do you know that when I say “yes,” I want to be absolutely sure? Do you realize there’s no guarantee that will happen?

I Want A Friday Kind Of Love

Fridays are full of possibility. Anything could happen. Sure, the weekend could be a letdown, it could turn out to be just another endless series of hours with nothing going on, when I can’t bring myself to work because it just seems too sad to do so.

How To Have A Zelda Fitzgerald Summer

The first step to having a summer worthy of the femme Fitzgerald is to have endless free time because you never know when you will need to make an appearance at a backyard soiree or skip town for a three-day bender.