Understanding Natural Disasters Through The Eyes of God

Everyone knows that natural disasters are messages from God. Obviously, they aren’t warnings for us to increase investments in things like more resilient infrastructure, streamlined evacuation plans, or eco-friendly policies. Why waste our money on fascistic things like stronger levees, or reinforced foundations? That’s Big Brother, pal!

Top Five Dating Dealbreakers

In my eyes, a dealbreaker is classified as something that someone says or does on a date that prevents it from ever moving forward. They’re the rules you don’t budge on, the qualities and behavior you deem unacceptable in a potential suitor. It’s funny to find out what people draw the line on, and what kind of things they’ll allow though. Regardless of who you are, here are the five dealbreakers I hope everyone follows.

Body Image: The Model Religion

A new book by Michelle Lelwica, Th. D. (Theology Doctorate), offers new insight into women’s body blues.  Lelwica’s research has shown her that the female’s goal of a perfect physique is dogmatic in nature and that the prospect of being thin and beautiful is equivalent to a degree of salvation and spiritual fulfillment,

Stereotypical People I Find Uncanny

He or she gets a phone call from a friend and they proceed to have a conversation about someone’s cat or the date one of them just went on or what he or she got shopping that day while you sit there and mock interest in some old text messages on your cell phone.

Scientology Continues To Be Creepy, Take Over The World

Scientology honestly feels like a giant joke that’s being played on society. A religion created solely for celebrities and rich people is a genius and utterly terrifying idea. With their celebrity centers, fancy parties and steep payments, the religion has preyed upon the wealthy’s need to feel special and V.I.P. by creating an enclave for the elite.