My Relationship With My Hair, In Six Parts

At a certain point, I just stopped brushing my hair. It was disgusting. I would wrap it in a bun and only untie it to reluctantly wash it every other day or so, only to then immediately bundle all of my sopping wet hair, tangled and with soap suds still trapped within the knots, back on top of my head.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By How Likely They Are To Sabotage Their Relationship

Blonde woman staring into distance

Scorpio: While you have a lot of great qualities when it comes to love (your passion, your magnetism), you always end up digging yourself a hole you can’t climb out of. This is largely due to your struggles with jealousy and obsession – you have a hard time letting things go, you hold on to your resentment, and you bottle things up instead of talking to your partner.