I liked that he called me Kid. Nice going, Kid. Good work, Kid. Like where your heads at, Kid. It was a manly combination of the film noir gumshoe and the well-meaning misogynist. I was quickly possessed. Because when a man gives you a nickname, he somehow comes to own you.

To The Guy I Should Have Given A Chance To

I want you to know I would do things differently now. I wouldn’t be so cynical, I wouldn’t close myself off the way I did, I wouldn’t have doubted your intentions, I wouldn’t have refused to believe that maybe I deserved more than all I had ever known.

Someday, He Is Going To Realize What He Lost

He will remember that he was the one who ended it. That he was the one who tore it all apart. That he was the one who cared less. Who loved less. Who thought that that he needed to spread his wings some more. And he will remember the look on your face when he said, ‘it’s over’.