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Why It’s Better To Choose Reason Over Passion

Okay don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that being passionate is wrong, it’s not. But if we truly want to do something, you need to seek for a reason. Reason is like a necessity. We all live for a reason. You live for your parents, or for your dreams, career, and so on.

Let’s Learn About The Inner Citadel

Life is tiring, unpredictable, vast, and impossible to control. To even attempt to make basic sense of things is a recipe for sleeplessness. It is a never-ending abyss. There are so many forces at play and they seem indifferent toward our goals.

Finding Relief In Senselessness

We think that searching for an answer in times of starving desperation will somehow help, but it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s best to leave things behind as they are, and to not try and meddle with them.