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A 27-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early January, 1979

At 14th Street, a man tried to sell me “tooies” (Tuinals), and at the West 4th station, a Jamaican man came up to me and said, “Read this book: it’s beautiful,” handing me Steps to Jesus. I got on a lively D train with some young people on it, and it was nice until an old man who smelled of urine sat down next to me.

Shelfie: Evan Michelson

Evan Michelson — a dealer, at Obscura Antiques & Oddities in Manhattan, in anatomical curiosa and weird antiques, and co-star of the Science Channel reality show Oddities—is unique in her disposition to defend, with some heat, the virtues of the moral philosopher and political radical Jeremy Bentham—not a subject that rouses many of us to throw down the gauntlet.