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Finessional Should Be A Career Choice

Kristen White

Finessional should be a career choice, or at least a skill on your resume. It’s the only way to survive post graduate life. I graduated 3 months ago and finessing is the most valuable skill I’ve learned through my 4 years of higher learning. I really wanted to share the best and most successful finesse I’ve accomplished while in school. The email that let me know I could literally do whatever I put my mind to, basically anything I wanted I could have.

10 Extra Things You Can Do During Your Internship (For That Competitive Edge)

Maggie McConnaha Maggie McConnaha

You landed an internship, great! While right now, you probably expect to have projects, research, and tasks to keep you busy all summer, this probably won’t be the case. There will be a lot of down time that some interns may spend on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but before you waste your time and your boss’s, do these ten things that are actually work related and productive (always remember to ask your boss for a job before doing something on your own!)