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It Took Staring Into The Eyes Of A Man Begging On The Street To Make Me Realize How Heartless The World Has Become

“Honestly, y’all can keep your change. I just need a smile today. Can someone please just give me a smile?” Through my music, my stream of consciousness inner monologue, and the sounds of the city, my heart breaks. Removing both earbuds this time, I turn on my heel to see him sitting on his bucket, smiling out with open arms, simply asking for the return of human compassion.

8 Things You Think About When You Are Poor After Being Middle Class

So far, it’s been almost five years since I relocated. I have a bachelor’s degree, student loan debt (but less than most people), and live with my wife and her unemployed mother in a 100-year-old house that is in constant need of repairs. Here are the things that my wife and I have thought about while we still struggle to make ends meet after we had both been flush.