Republicans Don’t Get To Own Patriotism

man with an american flag

I’m a first generation American, and my immigrant parents raised me with the belief that this is the greatest country in the world; a belief I still firmly hold to this day. Does this mean that I think the United States is perfect? Hell no.

No One Should Be Surprised That Racism Still Exists, And Here’s Why

People protest immigration bans in the U.S.

Holocaust deniers are an extreme example of historical revisionism and one that we generally deny right back at them. However, what about the revision that we see in modern history against people of color? What about in 2015 when a Texas mother was absolutely horrified to hear that African slaves were described as “workers” in a map that depicted patterns of immigration in the United States?

When Politics Make You Feel Too Much

people with signs rally against Trump

I feel overwhelmed with all these feelings. I thank God that my daughter isn’t old enough to comprehend what is currently going on in this country. Hopefully, by the time she is, things have changed.

A Moderate Millennial’s Take On Modern Day Politics

Two friends fight over politics

As a child, I had the great freedom of only having to argue my beliefs that the Backstreet Boys were better than my sister’s favorite: N*SYNC. Pokemon being more popular than Digimon was the only injustice I was aware of, and recycling or saving the rainforests were learned as life lessons to become good stewards, rather than political positions.