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Platonic Friendship

How To Keep Your Platonic Relationships Platonic

Years of having guy friends have taught me that the only thing I can know for certain is that I truly don’t know how my guy friends feel about me. All you can really do is try to stay their come-ons and keep them in the friend zone as long as possible.

Brunch Report

A large group of women were seated next to us having what I assume was some “girl’s brunch out,” the first of many consumption oriented events (e.g. shopping, manicures, massages) they would mutually experience throughout the day.

The Friend Zone

He hopes that somehow his grim loyalty to the non-physically rewarding friendship will convey his good character, that he will “break down” or readjust her sensibilities and transcend the conventional constraints of “shallow” physical attractiveness that she doesn’t feel towards him.