Loving You Is The Only Plan I Have

couple holding hands on beach, beach couple, loving you is my plan, love

I thought about how wildly beautiful it is that we were once just strangers, wandering around this earth without the taste of each other’s names on our tongues. How life simply happens, love simply happens. Especially when we’re not looking.

God Had Other Plans For Us

You chose to leave me hanging by the thread. You chose me to lose my trust in you again. You chose to break your promise. You promised to walk with me in my journey of healing but you ruined me again.

I Took A Plan B In Mexico City

“What a perfect time to practice your Spanish,” you joked quietly in the pharmacy. I told you I didn’t know how to ask for what we needed. You asked me to try. All I remembered was that the Spanish word for pregnant sounds a lot like the English word for embarrassed and I was hoping in just a few minutes to know I would only be one of those two.