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Are We All Brand Marketers?

A friend of mine told me once that she likes to walk around with a Starbucks coffee in her hand because it gives off the “working girl” vibe. As ludicrous as I thought that statement was initially, I realized that a lot of people do the same and trendy coffee is just the tip of the iceberg.

Smizing On The Inside

Eventually, America’s Next Top Model could have as many seasons as the Super Bowl. Currently, we are in the midst of America’s Next Top Model XVIII. Nothing has seemed less consequential than the outcome of XVIII…

Koko, The “Talking” Gorilla

[T]he maintenance of Koko’s brand is at once evolutionarily, existentially, and morally/politically appealing in a way that one could imagine earnestly saying things about how if Sartre were alive today he might consider Koko, not Che, to be “the most complete [entity] of our age.”