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Paula Deen

Create Your Own Sniveling Celebrity Apology!

Dear Everyone, As many of you are aware, I recently made some derogatory and hurtful comments regarding [black people/gay people/our troops/the Jews]. Those who know me, particularly my [friends/family/fans/campaign supporters], will be fully aware that these remarks do not in any way,…

11 People Who Need To Stop Talking

Was that you, Sam Goudie, who visited me in my nightmare last night? Cloaked in a black veil, you called yourself death. When I asked to see your face you de-robed yourself, projectile vomited on me, and screamed “YOLO Bitchez”.

Mythologies: Josh Ozersky

‘Playboy’ had the added benefit of explicitly and more or less effortlessly linking high culture — wine, food, jazz — with the very epitome of masculinity, virility.