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Parker Posey

How To Be Fabulous

Coco Chanel, the Queen of Chic, said to take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house. But why wear SOME jewelry when you can wear ALL of it?

5 Forgotten Movies From The 90s

Confession: Nothing ever really happens in Stealing Beauty. Like at all. Liv Tyler plays this 18-year-old virgin Lucy who goes to Italy to stay with some family friends and the entire movie just revolves around her lying in bathtubs, talking to hot Italian boys and listening to Billie Holiday. I know, I know, it sounds so boring but trust me, it isn’t!

6 Different Types Of Sex You Can Have

“I hate myself” sex happens more often than anyone would like to admit and is most prevalent during someone’s college years and mid to late-twenties. The following people are perfect candidates for this type of sex: your ex, an unattractive stranger you met at a bar, your cab driver, your best friend’s significant other, a musician in an indie rock buzz band, a misogynist, and somebody’s husband/wife.

Girls I Pretended To Have Crushes On When I Was “Straight”

Tarah Keener, in particular, was a crowning achievement. She was the prettiest girl in school and also my girlfriend. We held hands, played with dolls, and even discussed our mutual crush on the most popular boy in school. In retrospect, it was really strange. We would gush about how cute we both thought this boy was and then run off into the sunset together holding hands.