The Production Of Space Understood Through Video Games

Henri Lefebvre’s 1974 book The Production of Space argues against the concept of empty or geometric space and in favor of social space. He was a committed Marxist and his idea that space is never truly empty but always filled in or mediated is perhaps just a philosophical refinement of the argument against neutrality or objectivity.

Scaring the Shit Out of Children in the Early 90s

The episode centers on a ginger douchebag who steals a clown mannequin’s rubber nose from a fun house. This fun house has some weird shit in it. On his way to the mannequin, there is a giant dragon head that breathes real flames across his path, and he has to time his passage across carefully or he will be set on fire. No big deal. All children’s recreation should have an element of social Darwinism.

A Compendium of Video Game Deaths

Arcade games mirror life: life, which — no matter how much we want to avoid it — can only end with one inevitable result.  Or, as an eminent poet once put it: “…For I haue dyscust/ We ar but dust/ And dy we must.”