An Ode To The Free Office Cake

This stunt was a particularly Matilda-esque in its execution: a competition with myself to see how many slices of cake I could eat. It was, of course, a charity bake sale so there were around 14 different types of cake, and I ate a slice from every single one in under 7 minutes. At the halfway point, my colleagues had stopped taking phone calls to come and watch me conquer my Everest.

I’m A Security Officer At An Office Complex And I Think The People Here Are Under The Control Of An Extraterrestrial Being

It’s easy to sit in my office and look down on the people I am tasked with protecting. I quite literally look down at the security monitors for eight hours a day. It is this perspective that allows me to find these things disturbing. It allows me to see the synergy and synchronicity. In short, the workers operate less as independent units and more like a hive.

4 Things You Need To Keep In Mind To Be A Good Office Coworker

With being a recent college grad and having an internship for a local government municipality for the past 4 summers through college, I have learned a thing or two on working in an office and how to be a tolerable, good coworker. It really is not that hard, especially for being young and new to the work place I have picked up some helpful tips.