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Not Settling

If You’re Going To Run, Run Away From Average

Run from the sad and painful stories that tell you that there’s no way out of this hell, run from the stories that feed you all the lies about why you can’t accomplish something amazing or how you’ll never find that old-fashioned romance you’ve been wishing for or how you’ll never be able to have the best of both worlds.

Love Is A Drug And I Want To Get High

I want my own life, and I want him to have his life, and I want our lives to come together and for us to share our journey. I want to share everyone I love with them and I want everyone he loves to share it with me. A world I can share with somebody else.

When You’re Not The One Who Settles

When you’re not the one who settles, you ask a lot of questions with answers that might hurt you and you look for the truth; the truth that others evade, the truth that others shove aside to live a lie and the truth that others are afraid of. But you ask for it because you know it will set you free even if it’s ruthless. Because it takes courage not to settle, it takes strength and it takes resilience.