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Brandon Webb — Becoming The Master Of Your Own Fate

Man on his own success

I get this question all the time. “How do I find my purpose?” Some people find their purpose in a fight. In a mission. In a cause… Brandon explained that the people who join these radical groups, or any group, were probably suffering in life. And they wanted to fill a hole. They wanted what any human wants: a feeling of belonging. That’s the powerful force pulling them in.

I’m Breaking Up With Drama

girl done with drama

Same goes for the lame pop-culture magazines – fuck them. I no longer invite people into my tribe who sabotage my growth, and believe me at this point in my life – I can smell their kind many miles away.

A Moderate Millennial’s Take On Modern Day Politics

Two friends fight over politics

As a child, I had the great freedom of only having to argue my beliefs that the Backstreet Boys were better than my sister’s favorite: N*SYNC. Pokemon being more popular than Digimon was the only injustice I was aware of, and recycling or saving the rainforests were learned as life lessons to become good stewards, rather than political positions.