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Neve Campbell

10 Things I Miss About The 90s

I want Natalie Imbruglia telling me that the sky is torn, Jewel telling me that I can’t break her hands, Courtney Love being the girl with the most cake, and Liz Phair stealing my lighter and losing the map.

Watching The Craft On Fast Forward

Witch-off! Vicki Valencourt’s hair turns to snakes, maybe. They’re talking a lot. Lot of angst. Then all hell breaks loose. Empire Records just disappeared. VV whipped out a huge knife? INSANITY! INSANITY! Something just happened! Too fast. Not sure.

Girls I Pretended To Have Crushes On When I Was “Straight”

Tarah Keener, in particular, was a crowning achievement. She was the prettiest girl in school and also my girlfriend. We held hands, played with dolls, and even discussed our mutual crush on the most popular boy in school. In retrospect, it was really strange. We would gush about how cute we both thought this boy was and then run off into the sunset together holding hands.