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Why Now Is The Time To Abandon Social Media

A funny thing happens when you disconnect from the social media hive mind. For the first time in ages, you actually feel like you’re connected to the real world again – far, far removed from the meaningless chatter of the cyber circle jerk and actually experiencing that trifling little thing we used to call “life” instead of repackaging it for clicks and shares.

The Girl Who Cut [Split Screen Selves]

She was scared of speaking, and so she got buzzed to talk. She wrote papers tipsy, too. Her hands trembled in the flesh and blood spaces. Her finger tips went blue, pressed tightly against the things she had read and reread.

Hashtag This: Why I’m Not On Twitter

The behavior of the Twittersphere is troubling. Whether it’s the desperation Tweeters begging for followers with promises they will follow back, or the keyboard-courageous strong-arms using Twitter as a platform to verbally attack celebrities, the conduct of many consumers just seems childish.